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Pneumatic Rock Drills, Jackleg Drills, Chipping Hammers

Pneumatic Rock Drills

Spartan Tool Company is the largest Pneumatic Rock Drill supplier in the Southeastern United States. These rock drills are excellent for the mining, quarrying (granite) and construction industries. Products include Jackleg drills, Stoper drills, Sinkers, Quarry drills, Service, Repair and Parts.

Pneumatic Drills & Hammers

Pneumatic Rock Drills, Atlas Copco

Atlas Copo Rock Drills & Hammers

Light and easy to handle, BBD rock drills are ideal for those quick jobs and for working in difficult-to-get-to areas. They can be equipped with either D- or T-handles. The ratchet-wheel action provides faster rotation and higher impact frequency for drilling in soft to medium hard rock.
Where to use them
- With D-handle horizontal rock and concrete drilling, plug holes
- With T-handle vertical work in concrete, plug hole drilling, plus smooth blast and seam drilling

The right drill for your application The light-weight BBD 12 rock drill is available in two versions. Equipped with a D-type handle, it is used for horizontal drilling, plug hole drilling, and drilling in concrete to a maximum depth of 1 meter. Equipped with T-handles, the BBD 12T is designed for vertical drilling of up to 3 meters.


TOKU Rock Drill, TS 55

TOKU Rock Drill, TS 55

Designed with the power and durability needed for drilling operations in quarries, mines and general excavation work.

Forged steel components; durable.
Multiposition throttle for smooth start up in drilling.
Good balance; efficient operation.
Each component has been well heat treated to maximize durability.
Special anti-vibration handle for each model is available as option.


Chicago Pneumatic Industrial Chipping Hammer

Chicago Pneumatic Industrial Hammer Drills

-Powerful, yet compact and lightweight
-Available in a 2", 3" & 4" stroke versions(13-15 lbs)
-Improved with a better spline lock as standard mechanism
-Teasing throttle for precise control


Mid-Western MW-S83F Jack Leg Drill

Mid-Western MW-S83F Jack Leg Drills

This is the most popular jack-leg drill in the U.S. and Mexico.  It's dependability and low maintenance cost have made it the favorite of both drillers and management.  It is available with a 1" or 7/8" chuck and a variety of feed legs to adapt this drill to your specific needs.


Canun International 260 Sinker Drill

Canun International 260 Sinker Drills

High penetration rate
Spring loaded handles for vibration dampening
Convenient operating controls
Automatic water pressure regulation
Air operated stainless steel water valve
Positive lubrication and front-end blow
Parts interchangeability with CANUN 260B Jackleg, Stoper & Quarry Drills

Canun International Pneumatic Drills
Atlas Copco Rock Drills & Hammers
Chicago Pneumatic Hammer Drills
Mid-Western Pneumatic Drills and Hammers
Toku (S-55)

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